We are an extraordinary collection of seven beautiful gardens in West Wales, providing magical and engaging days out for bus tours, the whole family or just you and a friend.


West Wales is already famous for its outstanding beauty, history and coastal scenery, and the Great Gardens of West Wales add to this treasure trove. The temperate climate of the area encourages the development of many rare and exotic trees and plants from around the globe, providing a show of vibrant colours, enchanting perfumes, and stunning vistas.


All seven gardens have been carefully chosen to compliment each other perfectly. Each one has its own clear identity and character. Each one is situated in a stunning location. Together they represent a range of styles from modern to historic, woodland to coastal. Visit them all to avoid missing out on the Seven Wonders of West Wales.


About us

Use our Great Gardens of West Wales leaflets as a passport for you and a friend to gain discounted entry or other offers at each garden...


  • Ask for your leaflet to be stamped at the first garden you visit

  • When you have at least one stamp you will receive discounts or offers at the rest of the gardens

  • One leaflet is valid for yourself and a friend

  • You may use your stamped leaflet for multiple visits to the end of December. Please remember to check individual garden opening times before travelling. The leaflet is valid for the year shown on the cover.

A Discount or Offer...

Passports are easy to find at any of the Great Gardens.  Discounts and offers are subject to change throughout the year and are different for each garden.  Contact gardens directly for details of their current offer.  Passports may not be used for group bookings.  Group organisers to contact gardens individually for information about their group offers and discounts.